A December Christmas Present for YOU!

Hello everyone,

We hope you are staying warm in this blistery winter weather, bundled up tight and warm with your loved ones! This month’s newsletter is all about celebrating everyone’s achievements after such a hard and challenging year. We know our PlayAct families and students have struggled, much like we have as well. However, our hardships have only brought us closer and helped to make great connections with our students in new and fun ways while getting to learn more about them each and every day! Not only have we had fun teaching our wonderful students in classes and camps, but we have learned so much from them on how to be better teachers and using their self reflection as feedback to improve our class experience for everyone. For this, we want to say THANK YOU by……


…Giving our PlayAct parents a little Christmas gift of extending our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT with the CODE “PJO351 for €10 off our Christmas camp! Offer closes at the end of the week!  Due to popular demand after Halloween Camp that entailed improv, story telling, performances, dancing and more, we want to bring the camp magic back for Christmas! This would be a great opportunity for all our Mammy’s and Daddy’s to get a few extra bits and pieces done around the house or some last minute Christmas shopping that those cheeky Christmas elves won’t get done for us!
A picture tells a thousand words… This is great photo taken during our virtual Halloween camp in October where our students and teachers had an absolute blast! We will be having another costume contest but “Christmas Themed” this time  Book in today to join in on the fun!
Term 1 event:

Term 1 has absolutely flown by and our students have learned about about many things such as silent movies, mime, songs, read poetry, the art of story telling, made their own stories as well as devised their own performances which we are now in rehearsal for and so much more. We are really having so much fun making friends, working together and can’t wait for the big performance day in class the last week of term for “The Late Late PlayAct Show”!
Term 2 Fun on it’s Way!

Your children have been an absolute pleasure to work with this term and we would love to invite them to join us in term 2 for more fun, laughter and drama learning! Our regular weekly classes will continue in January 2021. These classes be virtual for now until we are able to safely come back to our wonderful in person classes. Our venues will let us know in January if we can go back to in person and we promise to stay in touch with our PlayAct families and let you know as soon as we can!

Please click this link for more information and booking of term 2 https://playact.class4kids.ie/ . Book in EARLY for a place!
PlayAct Drama Classes are….

coming to a school near you!

In the new year, PlayAct will have the exciting opportunity of offering classes in various schools around Dublin! If you would like to have us in your school, please click here and let us know!

Be sure to also follow us on social media (click on icons below) for more details and updates on all the exciting things happening here at PlayAct Drama School!
That’s all for now folks! We wish you a very safe, restful and wonderful holiday break filled with love, laughter and happiness.

Happy holidays everyone and see you all in the new year!