We have all been through so much together!

Everyday is a school day, even when you are a Mammy!

My daughter recently turned 4 years old. And she wanted to join the local GAA. So we headed on Saturday morning. I brought her 2 year old sister with us. Thinking to myself she will enjoy the watching. My 4 year old ran off, delighted with herself. And my 2 year old clung to me, hid behind me, and gave out so much. I was caught off guard. I’m not used to seeing her this way. Usually she is bursting with energy and loves to run around. She reminds me of a new puppy – needing a run around a few times a day.

It was seeing her display stress and unease, that it really hit me, like pie in the face. What we had come through together!

It hit me like pie in the face ..

In March 2020 I had a 6 month old and a 29 month.  Today my daughters are 4 years old and 2 years old. The lapse of time in between is a huge junk of time in all our lives. In a child’s life this is half their lives. We counted our blessings, even on the most challenging days that our girls were healthy and had one another.

I was quiet amazed the strong bond these two displayed from such a young age. I thought that would happen much later on. Our youngest little one is only used to being around her own family, up until recently. And of course she would feel overwhelmed with so many people around her on that Saturday morning. And so much activity happening around her.

It truly is wonderful that our world has started to open up .

Bring back our students activities

The new normal has started to unfold. And is causing overwhelm, fear, excitement and much more for all of us.

We have had to connect online, for others very little socialisation and interaction and normality for a long time. We need to bring back our children’s, young people’s and adults activities. This will give them a Headspace away from their day to day mundane routine, energise, invigorate, and space to just be themselves. A space where they can feel safe to express their emotion, act out their thoughts, and have fun with their peers.

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