Adrienne Lee


Adrienne Lee




“Drama had a huge impact on my life since Early childhood. As a child I was shy and under confident. This made it difficult for me to express myself, make friends, and be happy at school. My mother took the lead and enrolled me in Therese O’Donovan’s School of Speech & Drama. I quickly developed a life long love for the arts. I would be the first person to class each week. Through my weekly classes I became more confident amongst my peers, more comfortable in the classroom and quickly blossomed into a happier, well rounded individual. This affected my whole school experience and my ability to be happy and enjoy learning. It is because of my own experience as a child that PlayAct Drama School is here. I wanted to set up a drama school that focuses on a positive learning experience for every child.”

Adrienne Lee- PlayAct Drama School Director and Founder

PlayAct Drama School is the brainchild of Adrienne Lee, a specialist educator in drama, theatre, and performance with over 20 years of experience in the sector. She and her team are fully qualified drama facilitators and educators. All our staff are fully Garda vetted and certified in the TUSLA Children’s First programme.

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