Six ways to support your teenagers wellbeing

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde Teenage years can be very trying. Not yet an adult and no longer a child. Teenagers long for their independence and to be treated like an adult. All the time trying to navigate their way through school, what to do with the rest of their lives. […]


Fun and learning through play

TO Help with Anxiety

Our Top 6 Tips

“..It’s one of the busiest times for parents, children, and young people. All pulling and pushing together to get back into the school routines, and the daily structures again. And with that comes exhaustion for the whole family.”

We have all been through so much together!

Everyday is a school day, even when you are a Mammy! My daughter recently turned 4 years old. And she wanted to join the local GAA. So we headed on Saturday morning. I brought her 2 year old sister with us. Thinking to myself she will enjoy the watching. My 4 year old ran off, […]

February Newsletter!

Want to learn a breathing exercise to calm anxiety in children? Discover new online learning resources? Find games and exercises to keep your little ones having fun in lockdown by clicking the link below to read the full newsletter (3 minute read). Click here

A December Christmas Present for YOU!

Click here Hello everyone, We hope you are staying warm in this blistery winter weather, bundled up tight and warm with your loved ones! This month’s newsletter is all about celebrating everyone’s achievements after such a hard and challenging year. We know our PlayAct families and students have struggled, much like we have as well. However, our hardships […]