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Improvisation, Story-Telling, Role-Play, Mime and Movement, Drama & Theatre Games and Exercises, Poetry, Devising their own story, Vocal and Speech Training, Speech & Drama Examination, Acting, In-House end of year performance, and lots more.

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Helping Children's Development

Speaking clearly so that you can be heard and understood is a skill that we must all learn. Elocution as it used to be called, is the skill of expressive speech, with distinct pronunciation and articulation. Some people have a natural tendency to pronounce and clearly distinguish their words, but others need to practice it over and over again, in different simulations, in order to master it. It plays a vital role in personality development in kids, along with effective communication skills, as it enables them to clearly voice themselves with good sentence structure, a defined thought process, and enunciation.

At PlayAct our students that enable children to learn how to pronounce, express, modulate their speech, and exhibit appropriate body language for the varying situations and scenarios they may find themselves in.

Our Junior Academy

Starts in January. Get in touch to be put on the list.
Juniors (4-6)
Primary and Preliminary Grades with Leinster School of Speech & Drama

This is our introductory class into the world of speech, drama, and acting. Poetry speaking, mime, stories, improvisation, exercises for clear speech, and lots of fun activities.

Intermediates (7-9)
Grade 1, 2, 3 with Leinster School of Speech & Drama

This class is a wonderful opportunity for students to immerse themselves into the world of speech, acting and drama. Exam classes cover: Poetry speaking, mime, stories, improvisation, exercises for clear speech, and lots of fun activities Initial speech and drama examination at the end of the year.

Seniors (10-14)
Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 with Leinster School of Speech & Drama

Exam classes will cover: poetry speaking, exercises for clear speech, reading aloud, story-telling and public speaking — and drama class — group scenes, improvisation, mime, and character work. Students take an active role in devising and preparing their programme to present at exam level.

1-1 Tuition for Exams
Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 with Leinster School of Speech & Drama

Classes are specifically tailored for each individual students needs. The convenience of choosing a time and day that suits you. Students work on some or all of the following areas: Clear Speech, Rate of Speech, Confident Communication, Public Speaking, Speech Faults, Projection, Achieving Variety, Acting, Verse Speaking, Relaxation, Breathing, Tone. Some like to take the class to privately prepare for exams.

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At Play Act, we offer a wide variety of classes either in person or online. Whether your child wants to take these classes from the comfort of your home, or in person with the instructor, our proven teaching techniques will ensure their success! We offer classes for three age groups: juniors (4-6 y/o), intermediates (7-9 y/o), and seniors (10-14 y/o). Our professional training will leave your child with a vast skill set and improved self-confidence in their abilities. If your child has dreams of being on stage someday or studying performing arts, our theatre training is a perfect fit.  Our classes include the following instructional techniques:

  • Role-Play
  • Mime and Movement
  • Poetry
  • Vocal and Speech Training
  • Improvisation
  • Drama and Theatre Games and Exercises
  • In-House End-of-Year Performance
  • Storytelling
  • Acting
  • Devising Stories of their Own
  • Speech and Drama Examination

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Our classes are live, interactive, high energy spontaneous, and delivered straight to your home.

Leinster School of Music and Drama Examination

Leinster School of Music and Drama is an educational centre for music and drama. LSMD prides itself on the success of its students and, as such, is dedicated to its students. LSMD is a national centre for graded music and drama examinations. Why are examinations important? To begin with, it’s a great way to test your students’ skills and ensure that their drama and music instruction is paying off. Second, a graded examination bestows your student with a credential that can give them the upper hand in searching for (and gaining) roles in competitive audition settings. Finally, graded examinations provide valuable feedback for the student, allowing them to pinpoint where their strengths as well as their weaknesses lie. These examinations can be prepared for by taking a guided course syllabus study. LSMD also provides an exciting opportunity for students taking the graded exams: the LSMD Excellence Award in either music or drama. If your student earns an LSMD Excellence Award, it will be a great addition to their music or drama résumé and is sure to get them recognized at future castings and auditions for parts.