Let's Play

Does your child love to play, pretend, dress up, role play etc? Do you watch them play and through that, see what’s going on in their day?

What we offer

Confidence for Everyday

Did you know that at a young age children navigate their world through role-play? They develop skills by playing together, reciting nursery rhymes, creating make-believe, copying what you do. Is this something you would like to see developed in your child?

Our Let’s Play weekly drama workshops use the scenarios that your child is familiar with to hone these skills. We use drama, theatre, storytelling, rhyme, and imaginative play to take them on a journey of self-expression and creative exploration through engaging play.

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Our classes are live, interactive, high energy spontaneous, and delivered straight to your home.

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At Play Act, we offer a wide variety of classes either in person or online. Whether your child wants to take these classes from the comfort of your home, or in person with the instructor, our proven teaching techniques will ensure their success! We offer classes for three age groups: juniors (4-6 y/o), intermediates (7-9 y/o), and seniors (10-14 y/o). Our professional training will leave your child with a vast skill set and improved self-confidence in their abilities. If your child has dreams of being on stage someday or studying performing arts, our theatre training is a perfect fit.  Our classes include the following instructional techniques:

  • Role-Play
  • Mime and Movement
  • Poetry
  • Vocal and Speech Training
  • Improvisation
  • Drama and Theatre Games and Exercises
  • In-House End-of-Year Performance
  • Storytelling
  • Acting
  • Devising Stories of their Own
  • Speech and Drama Examination