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Children instinctively love playing and pretending .. And this is where it STARTS! This class is about laying the foundation for Drama, Arts and Creativity. This class benefits students by developing their skills in communication, coordination, listening, problem solving, leadership, social, personal, identifying their emotions and putting words to how they feel, having fun, making friends and more. All in a safe environment focused on developing each individual student.

Age categories for Drama and Acting

They are Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Teen. And then their add on is Speech training and exam for each category.

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Our Approach

Our focus at Play Act Drama School is on our students and enhancing their core skills and self-development through creative play and drama. Whether our students need to develop their self confidence to speak in class, or improve their drama skills, our drama programme captures the imaginations of our students, encouraging each student to go on their own learning journey, while supporting each student to be inventive and creative.