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Just some of the nice feedback we get…

As a parent I love the space Play Act gives my children to explore their creativity and to develop the whole of their personalities in a relaxed and fun environment. I absolutely highly recommend it! Emily Frisby – Parent

The camp is amazing. The teachers are wonderful and kind. The activities are awesome and fun. I met my new best buddy there. Adam – Student

Adrienne and all the teachers are a wonderful group who care about the children and go every way to make the camps enjoyable. Not a word of complaint out of my son after 4 camps so far. He’s always looking forward to the camps and makes sure we sign him up for the next one. Paulina – Parent

Finn loved it! It opened up a whole new world of play and fun. He struggled to find something he loved this much. He is still quoting the games and plays. Sorcha Barry – Parent

It was a really great time and I really liked the art the best! Eleanor – Student

My two girls aged 4 and 7 went and each one was on a different class – and they both loved it! So I would highly recommend this camp and the staff are very helpful when I made inquiries to how they were settling in. I will look forward to going again! –Nicola -Parent – DLR

Adrienne covered my maternity leave at Scoil Mhuire GNS, Lucan. During this time she taught drama as an extracurricular activity to groups aged 4 to 10 years. She also prepared work for their showcases and dealt with class fees. She was a pleasure to deal with, an extremely good communicator and very popular with the students. I would have no reservations in recommending her as a drama teacher. Sarah Barragry Drama

Adrienne is such a good Speech & Drama teacher and I would not have such a good mark without her. She is really nice and friendly and the classes are always fun. Isobel Age 9 – Grade 4 Speech & Drama (Medal awarded)

Adrienne was my drama teacher for eight weeks and it was really fun. We played lots of great games that I never played before and went on many different journey and everybody was always very happy. She made sure that all of us got to take turns so nobody felt left out. Kids are lucky to do drama with Adrienne and I hope I can do it again some day. Ella age 9 – Student Dun Laoghaire

I thoroughly enjoyed my speech &  drama classes with Adrienne. I found working the class on a one to one basic helped me express and develop my acting skills a lot better for my exams. I would highly recommend Adrienne and am really looking forward to working with her for my next exam. Jessica Larkin – Grade 9 Speech & Drama

Adrienne has taught my four children over the past three years and prepared all four of them for their speech and drama exams last December. The girls loved the classes and were always hugely invigorated and delighted after class ended. Adrienne encouraged them hugely and gave great feedback during their classes so it was easy for them to practice and prepare their poems and dramatic pieces on their own. They all scored 94% and over and two of them received medals, so they were really delighted with their achievements. I noticed a big improvement too this year in their general levels of confidence speaking. I am delighted that the children have done a 3rd year with Adrienne. Anne-Marie McGuiness – Parent

Adrienne Lee was drama teacher to two of my children and they both absolutely loved both Adrienne and the work they did with her. Adrienne is extremely professional and focused on what she is trying to achieve with the children but she makes it all so fun and enjoyable at the same time. She has an extremely likeable personality and all the kids seemed to really warm to her. This helped them all to trust and engage with her and make the most of the drama class.  Adrienne really seemed to know the school curriculum very well and designed her workshops to try and support the kids and the teachers with the work they are covering in different curriculum areas. I am sure the teachers appreciated that knowledge and support. One of my children is very under confident and finds it hard to take the lead or to have a ‘voice’ in the games she plays with her friends. Through the work that Adrienne has done my daughter has become more confident in the schoolyard and this affects her whole school experience and ability to learn and be happy. I highly recommend Adrienne to work with any school or organisation or private clients who would like to hire a professional drama teacher with a genuine passion for what she does and real compassion for the children she is working with. Lorraine Dun Laoighaire – Parent 

I would highly recommend Adrienne. She engaged very well with the children in an age appropriate way. It was very child centered and fun. I saw great improvements in their confidence. Both children did excellent (over 90%) in their Speech & Drama exams. Eithne Murphy – Parent

Adrienne did a block of hour long sessions over a period of five weeks with my third class in May 2014. Adrienne was very quick to connect with the children in the class and establish what would work well with the group. She used a wide variety of methodologies in her classes and kept the children engaged, enthusiastic and on task. When dealing with children with special needs she was well able to adapt her approaches and ideas to suit the needs of each particular child, and had no difficulties handling outbursts. I found her very easy to work with as she was very open to planning her work to integrate with the topics or themes that I had been working on in class. She is clearly familiar with the primary school curriculum and was eager to try and explore ideas through drama to support areas such as SPHE. I am very happy to recommend her as a drama teacher in any primary school and the children would certainly second this recommendation as they enjoyed her classes immensely and were very disappointed when her time came to an end. Chrissie Stokes – Third Class Teacher at Monkstown Educate Together National School

Adrienne was employed in our school for three terms. During this time she taught all classes in our school. Children enjoyed creative drama and speech and drama under her care and were eagerly looking forward to her visits. She covered many aspects of the Drama Curriculum and was expert on its elements. Adrienne has excellent class management skills and children responded very well to her firm but understanding discipline. Her attendance and punctuality were excellent. She has a pleasant personality and good humour. I have no hesitation in recommending Adrienne for any teaching positions. Teresa Griffin, Principal, Bohermore N.S

We were very lucky to have Adrienne as our Drama teacher for five weeks. My 3rd class at Monkstown Educate Together National School really enjoyed the drama classes. They were varied and the students built up a great level of self-confidence. My students had project presentations to do in front of their peers and they were certainly more polished performances after their time with Adrienne. She was very professional and had a lovely rapport and manner with the children. She had excellent classroom management, which are very much needed in holding a drama class. We would love to have her back to our school for more interesting drama classes. Donal Patterson – Third Class Teacher at Monkstown Educate Together National School

Adrienne spent one day a week, for 12 weeks in Scoil Mhuire, NS in Oct – Dec. She taught all six class groups and the children looked forward to the classes. Adrienne prepared a concert item with each of the groups and produced these in Scoil Mhuire’s Christmas concert on 21st December. Discipline and focusing the children on their work was achieved very effectively. Areas of the Drama Curriculum were taught and the pupils derived great benefit. Maire Ui Cheallachain, Priomhoide, Scoil Mhuire N.S

Adrienne covered maternity leave at Act One Performing Arts School. Her teaching skills were of a very high standard. And the students enjoyed working with her because she made learning and play so much fun. Andrea Scott, Director – Act One Performing Arts School

Adrienne substituted classes for students of mine from age 3 to 17. Her outgoing personality, intelligence, determination and passion for teaching children gave me a sense of ease and I was certain that they were in safe hands in my absence. I wasn’t disappointed. The children were encouraged and challenged and afterwards she provided me with a meticulous breakdown of topics covered throughout each session and how the children responded. I would certainly call on her again. Mary Murray – Visions Drama School – www.visionsdrama.com

Adrienne, thank you for your excellent workshops. Drama Soc, DIT, Bolton Street

Adrienne was an excellent and popular teacher when she worked for us at the Limerick School of Acting and we wish her all the best in her new venture. Nigel Mercier – www.limerickschoolofacting.com

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